General broadcasting rules

General informations :

Placing an ad is subject to certain rules. Any advertisement or message which does not comply with our regulations will be deleted. Paid advertisements are subject to the same regulations and will not give rise to a refund if they are removed from the site. This list is not exhaustive and Mes affaires en ligne reserves the right to withdraw any content without warning or notification. This type of withdrawal may also result in the suspension or withdrawal of access to the site

Each ad must be published in the category in accordance with the subject of the ad.
The product, good or service offered must be the subject of a detailed description in the advertisement.
Each advertisement for a property for sale must be placed in the municipality where the property in question is located.
As part of a job offer, the publication of identical ads is authorized. However, it is limited to 3 ads per department, but in 3 different cities.
Each old ad must be deleted before posting a new ad for the same property.
The total price and tax included must be indicated in the "Price" field.
Exchange ads are allowed on the platform.
The mention of a SIREN number (obligatorily comprising 9 digits) is required in the case of advertisements placed for the benefit of a professional for an offer of sale or services, or to publicize his activity.
A SIREN number is required for announcements published as an auto-entrepreneur or for the benefit of a real estate civil society. The request for this number must be made by mail to the Regional Directorate of INSEE in case your association does not have one.
The following are prohibited on the entire site:
Post an ad in the wrong category or subcategory
Post multiple ads with similar or close content
Offer multiple goods or services in a single ad
Ads that are too short or ambiguous
Publish an advertisement whose subject is prohibited by law
Use third party details (name, phone number, mailing address, email, photo, etc.)
Disclose information of a private nature or violate a person's privacy or publicity (including the publication of faces or signatures)
Republish information placed by another user.
Post content that violates the physical or intellectual property rights of a third party
Disturb the activity of any other user.
Content engaging the responsibility or taking the identity of Mes affaires en ligne or its employees.
Children: use of the site is prohibited for anyone under the age of 16
Display a premium-rate telephone number in an advertisement (except category "Clairvoyance", Vivaphone and Vivavoice Services)
Publish advertisements whose purpose is to advertise sites or services competing with Vivastreet
Promote a website, excluding blog portfolio in Casting
Promote or advertise gifts, sweepstakes or various prizes
Make statements that are false, defamatory, profane, hateful, abusive, pornographic, obscene or of any other inappropriate nature (and left to our sole discretion)
Any announcement or message containing a virus or any other contaminating or destructive agent or which prevents the proper functioning of this site or access to this site by our users
Any transaction relating to Holiday Vouchers is illegal, only their beneficiaries can use them.
In the Real Estate category, ads from:
Real estate sales in France and abroad
Real estate rental in France
Rental and sale of offices and businesses in France
Vacation rentals in France and abroad
Reminder for professionals, the amount of fees must be mentioned in the description of the ad, as well as a link to access the agency's price list.

Holiday renting :
Prior to the publication or posting of an advertisement in the "Holiday rental" category, the lessor must comply with the obligations resulting from articles L324-1-1 of the tourism code and L631-7 of the construction code and of the accommodation, must indicate whether or not the accommodation constitutes its main residence and in the event that the premises are subject to a registration procedure, the announcement relating to the furnished accommodation must imperatively mention this number.
Principal residence :
Your main residence is the place where you live for at least 8 months a year, except professional obligation, health reason or force majeure. You can rent it in full for up to 120 days a year. You can rent a room in your main residence with no time limit, 365 days a year.

Second home :
A second home is accommodation that you occupy less than 4 months a year. This includes pied-à-terre or vacation homes. You can rent it all year long provided you have declared your rental activity to the municipality. Some large cities may also require that you make a change of use beforehand

We advise you to contact your Town Hall to find out if a registration number is necessary for the rental of your property. If this is the case, we remind you that it is mandatory to add this registration number in the description of your ad.

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